Why jtrBot?

There are many reasons why jtrBot is great choice for crypto trading.

Easy setup

Graphic interface makes crypto trading easy.

Incredibly fast

With websocket technology under the hood, everything you do is executed in real time.

Automatic updates

Application update is seamless and your app is always up to date, everytime new version is released.

Fully support

Our support team is ready to do everything for your profit.

Automatic Pump Detection

For fully automated market analyzing and detecting pump in real time.

  • Set all parameters based on your strategy.
  • Select all markets on which pump should be detected.
  • Hit start button 10 seconds before pump announcement.
  • Bot will place buy and sell orders to maximalize your profit automatically.
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Instant Buy Mode

In this mode, you decide when to buy.

  • Select all parameters such as amount and market price.
  • You can set multiple sell points with different share and profit.
  • Type coin name and hit enter.
  • Buy order will be placed instantly.
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Market Selector

jtrBot allows you to pick only those markets which strategy should operate on.

  • Set minimal and maximal market volume.
  • Lookup market by its name.
  • Hand-pick only preferred markets.
  • Bot will analyze only markets selected by you.
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jtrBot supports following exchanges

jtrBot in action

See our amazing automatic pump detection.

Our pricing

Your investment in purchasing jtrBot should be earned back very quickly. For those, who hesitate, we introduced trial licence for symbolic price.

0.02 BTC
Valid for 365 days
Unlimited trading for 365 days
Getting started guidance from support team
Invitation to jtrBot support and VIP telegram channel
List of Pump and Dump groups
0.04 BTC
Lifetime licence
Everything in 1 Year License, including:
Unlimited Lifetime trading
Invitation to jtrBot VIP Telegram channel
Every upcoming app update

I'm actually shocked at how well this bot works, its unbelieveable.


I tried this bot and got amazing results!


Hi there, I'm impressed by the bot. First trade profit.




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